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  • Credo

    We believe in failing forward - learning from past mistakes to build a successful future with consistency and effort as the stepping stones. Of course the Wright Brothers claimed flying was possible and nearly killed themselves trying to make it happen. But they failed forward and became the fathers of aviation. Many others failed as well, yet they are labeled as geniuses and pioneers. Take Albert Einstein who failed through his academics, or Steve Jobs who failed with his first company, and countless other CEOs and Entrepreneurs. Point is: failure is not fatal; it is a requirement and part of success. We embrace sharing experiences, mistakes and knowledge, and we believe in a sharing collaborative community.


    PS: A tiny smile once you fail, is a step toward figuring things out...


    We aim to become the premier incubator in Lebanon and the Middle East by achieving exceptional results for our startups, building sustainable futures for our people, and earning a fair return on the value we deliver.