• 3d Maker shop

    When Did They Join Us?

    3D Maker Shop joined us in August 2018

    What Do They Sell?

    3D Maker Shop offers the best 3D printers in the market, along with high-quality filaments, resins, and spare parts. They also provide an amazing 3D printing experience to make your ideas come to life whether you have a university project, business purpose, or just for fun. In addition, they organize workshops and offer one on one training in 3D modeling and 3d printing.

    How Did Foundersbei Help?

    First and foremost, Foundersbei provided for 3D Maker Shop a private office in order to customize it, meet up with new clients, and share their products at the space. In addition to branding, we helped them come up with a logo, and advised them on how to manage their social media platforms including Instagram & Facebook.

    SEO is one of the most important things that made the business grow. We provided a team capable of doing SEO and they worked heavily on letting 3D Maker Shop earn more traffic on the website, and increase its visibility which made his business grow more and more on a daily basis.

    Let's not forget the fact that the owner of 3D Maker Shop and their team are not business oriented, they are masters in what they clearly do but never knew how to enter the business world. Which is why our main goal was to consult them on how to make a clear business plan, and work on reaching their target audience effectively.



    Printers Sold: 35+
    Filaments Sold: 600KG+
    Projects Done: 20+
    Workshops/Courses Done: 10+
    Happy Customers: 100+

    50+ Unique visitors weekly
    3D Maker Shop has become the leading 3D maker shop in Lebanon

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