• 3d Maker shop

    What Do They Sell?

    3D Maker Shop offers the best 3D printers in the market, along with high-quality filaments, resins, and spare parts. They also provide an amazing 3D printing experience to make your ideas come to life. In addition, they organize workshops and offer one on one training in 3D modeling and 3d printing.

    When Did They Join Us?

    3D Maker Shop joined us in August 2018

    How Did Foundersbei Help?

    FoundersBei provided 3D Maker Shop with an office in addition to the needed business development, marketing, and consulting support needed for it to strive. Provided a team of sales people to do cold calling, and acquire potential clients after filling the list (let’s not forget the SEO that Elio did). In addition to the push you gave him in order to buy and sell the machines which is something he didn’t think about before. And now you’re thinking of selling outside the country in order to earn a bigger market share in the 3D Printing industry.


    3D Maker Shop became the leading store and service provider in the region

    Sold more than ¾ of the machines he bought at the first place, his network got expended a lot because of the coworking space and the new faces we get to host on a daily basis.

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