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10 Essentials for Building a Coworking Community

Coworking spaces are community centers, friendly gathering places, think tanks.
When you rent a desk or an office at a coworking space, you benefit from networking and potential collaborations that you can't find elsewhere. You will also experience unforgettable moments, from global events to chill gatherings to challenging competitions.
In a coworking space, community building is key, and I decided to share with you 10 ideas inspired by the Foundersbei community to build an exciting fun and productive coworking community:

1. Go for a community outing every month; it may be for dinner or to share a drink.

2. Workshops and training hosted by community members: it’s a way for the community to feel engaged and share knowledge in their field, which will be beneficial in all ways.

3. Food and beverages gatherings. Let’s welcome Friday with sharing our own cooked launch with our community. Grab your food with you and let us share it. Share food, share cuisines.

4. FIFA tournament. It sounds nice to know who is the community legendary FIFA player. Wait, it is not bad to figure out who is good in real football too.

5. Documentary and discussion night. It is not a shy idea to take advices from your community members, things are seen from different perspectives, and lots of ideas definitely will lead you to the best idea.

6. Hold a swap shop. A swap shop is a cashless event, where people exchange unwanted items for something they do want. It can be a charger cable, unwanted cell phone, etc.

7. Celebrate birthdays and international days. Treating members as family will make the best out of a community, moreover this will simplify the process of acculturating.

8. Let’s also have a game night. Throw your phones away, and enjoy a monopoly game. It’s a strategic game, isn’t it?

9. Cheerful Monday! You can organize an early morning yoga class for the community to start the week in a positive mindset.

10. Who’s in for a Bonfire Night? Jacket potatoes, hot chocolate, marshmallows, it will be a fantastic night! Don’t forget to sparkle your night with some fireworks.

Bringing people together in this way helps create a more caring and inclusive community. Ultimately, it can make your local area a nicer place to live.

 Mohamad Osseiran

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