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5 Extraordinary Benefits of Coworking

And why you should try it for yourself!!

Work culture in this era is constantly changing with people choosing to ditch their 9 to 5 office job to more constructive and creative environments. As a result, the trend of co-working growing and getting more attractive.
Targeting mainly entrepreneurs and freelancers, it really is attracting them with the freedom of working disregarding a fixed schedule, while getting away from the strict environment of the corporate world.
It’s is a new way of working. Coworking spaces are meant to increase productivity and create a dynamic and collaborative environment for every individual by providing the best and most suitable services for them.
It is a place where you can enjoy a cup of coffee in the shared space, right before engaging in a constructive session of idea sharing with other members of the community.
If you’re considering trying coworking for yourself, these are some of the most important benefits that could inspire you to elevate your current skills and projects.

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Destroying the bubble and breaking out of your comfort zone

Switching from a regular home office to space filled with mind-boggling ideas being thrown around among all kinds of people surely will have a huge impact on someone’s way of working.
It will be hard to transition from working alone to asking and being asked for help from the ones who are working day and night to achieve their goals. This shift will shatter the comfort zone you were used to and enable you to attain greater heights.

Working independently with flexibility

Working Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 is becoming an old fashioned approach to work. A lot of people feel uncomfortable working early in the morning, and a lot more have responsibilities that prevent them from having to stick to a rigid schedule. In the workplace, faster doesn’t always mean better results or higher yields. On the contrary, various studies have proven that when things are taken slowly and steadily, there’s a boost in productivity. And while many people think that getting things done faster is better; in fact, it is the added productivity that gives value to your work. Most coworking spaces are open around the clock, allowing their workers to work whenever they feel comfortable.

Being able to collaborate and network

Every person striving for success would know that it can’t be achieved without collaborating and working with the right people. It couldn't be easier to do just that in such a community. It surrounds you with people from all backgrounds and fields, working towards what they aspire for. You never know when you’ll need the expertise of the coding expert using the coworking desk next to you or the writing tips of the freelance blogger constantly creating content. The coworking space just provides you with the networking tools you need to succeed.

coworking space lebanon- startup community- coworking lebanon

Avoiding loneliness at work

In traditional work environments, loneliness is an important issue that is affecting around 42% of workers as they affirm that they do not have a close friend at work. An academic study was done by professors of both California State University and the Wharton School of Business. It concluded that loneliness at work has a significant impact on the performance of employees when it comes to direct tasks and team role effectiveness. What coworking spaces do in this case is to create an empowering environment that helps individuals develop a sense of community. It gives them the motivation to go and ask for help when needed or to engage in team activities when everyone’s in need of a break from work. It doesn’t just put you around people, it pushes you to interact with them, can help you elevate your own motivation.

Having access to better and more affordable facilities

Does an entrepreneur or a startup really have the resources to rent an office, get furniture, internet, electricity and rent event facilities when needed, all at the same time when they need to worry about growing their business? It really is fascinating how coworking spaces offer all of these facilities at a fraction of the price that would have costed the same entrepreneur, had they chosen to set up their business somewhere else. Setting up your business in a coworking space helps you launch the business without having to set a whole separate budget for an office.

coworking space lebanon- startup community- coworking lebanon

As an estimate of 40% of workers becoming freelancers or independents in 2020. With these numbers, we are sure that coworking spaces will continue to evolve and grow to be able to provide the best services for the user while still remaining affordable and accessible for them.

Majd Nasser

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