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FoundersBei Turns One

And we are only getting started!

A special thanks to everyone who has been part of this journey with us.
2019 has been a blast and we are only getting started!
We are proud & happy to share with you some of the highlights of this year.

50 Community Members

We are pleased with the way our community is growing. At FoundersBei, we have 50 individuals working together on a daily basis and we welcomed around 510 visitors between meetings, tours, workshops, etc..
In just a year, we have managed to create a collaborative environment in which like-minded entrepreneurs shared projects, thoughts, work and fun moments.
We are constantly working on delivering the best for our growing community and looking for innovative ways to keep the experience at FoundersBei as enjoyable as possible.

29 Internship Participants

We organized two internship programs throughout the year and gathered 29 interns from different educational backgrounds that rotated between our different startups. We are extremely proud of the numerous achievements, great input, and work of our interns.
It's always nice to have fresh minds join our community. We are looking forward to this year's internship program!

2 Global Events

This year, we hosted two global events at FoundersBei: The Fuck Up Night & The Global Game Jam

The Fuck Up Night is a global movement that shares stories of professional failures. The concept is to get three to four speakers to share with strangers their own professional slip-ups. The gist of these true-life stories or events is to motivate listeners at the event and to help them avoid mistakes that would cost them time and money.
This event gathered around 80 people for free beer, pizzas, and interesting stories. From business crashes, product failures, to partnership deals that went bad, we heard it all. Everyone, from the speakers to the audience, had a good time and learned from this exchange of stories.
We also hosted The Global Game Jam which is the world's largest game creation event that takes place around the world at different locations. It is like a hackathon focused on game development. Around 100 people participated in the game jam throughout the night, filling up the space with innovative creations all more interesting than the others. This event was extremely fruitful and it got a lot of traffic to the space.

14585 Website Visits

Feel free to navigate through our website and check our latest news.
Also, to get a closure look at the space, check our virtual tour on our home page.

20 Events & Workshops

We hosted around 20 events and workshops this year. We made sure to vary the topics and learning opportunities so that everyone can benefit. The subjects went from real estate to drawing to how to become a football agent to stress and anxiety management… We also hosted a Social Hackathon in which participants teamed up to come up with innovative solutions to the social needs of the participating NGOs.

3 Startups Launched

This year, we have incubated 3 early-stage startups from different industries: 3D Maker Shop, Startup Minute & MyClub.
It has been a successful year for our startup ecosystem. Each of the three startups achieved important results by working in a collaborative and professional environment.
If you are interested in joining our startup ecosystem, feel free to check our Startup & Member section on our website or call us on 79/156526, we would be happy to meet with you!

                                                                                                                          Rime Kasbani

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