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How to Choose the Right Ad for your Business

To grow your business, reaching the right audience is very important. But how can you reach the target audience? The correct answer to this question is choosing the right advertising platform. Yes, it does plays a crucial role. The impact of advertising is most needed to reach your target audience and to make your business successful. We will discuss ways to choose the right advertising for your business in the below points.

Here are some questions you need to answer before choosing the right advertising platform for your business:

1. What is the existing demand for your product?

You should study the demand of your product in the market and raise awareness about it. For example, many people go to the store or farmer’s market to buy fresh groceries, and they might not be looking for a grocery delivery app. In other words, they might not be aware that there are certain types of mobile and online applications that will help them get the groceries at their doorstep from a single click. In this case, you need to build awareness that you have an app with the best deals and same-day delivery for fresh groceries. The awareness will help get visibility and downloads.

To identify the demand, you can also take the help of tool Google Ad words Keyword Planner. This tool helps you find insights about particular keywords in specific areas and the cost per click.

If your product is already in demand, then search engines, social media platforms, or display advertising is the best option.

2. Who is your target audience?

It is vital to know the audience you are targeting before you make any other strategy. For instance, if you are looking for stay-at-home mothers with LinkedIn Ads, that might be tough. So, choosing the right ad platform for your business, according to your target audience is very important.

3. Which options are suitable for your brand?

Choose the advertising method wisely, according to your affordability. Some advertising options are quick and cheap to try, and some are very expensive, such as television advertising.

You should always invest in the right Advertisement for your business that you have expertise on, e.g., Facebook. If you spend on something that you are not familiar with, that can be a bit risky.

Online Advertising Methods:

· Facebook Ads

Most of the companies get their traffic from Facebook. This platform provides traffic without being heavy on your pockets. Moreover, if you want to target a large number of audiences, you can use this strategy since a lot of people use these types of social media platform. Facebook Ads targets a group of Facebook users that all share the same characteristics, and places your ad on the targeted users' News Feeds or on the right column. However, you should also consider other options because Facebook isn’t always the right choice of Advertisement for your business.

· LinkedIn Ads

If you are looking for higher conversion rates, then LinkedIn is the option to consider. If this is the right platform for your business, then trying their service makes sense. Yes, their click prices are costlier than others.

· Google Ad words

Make use of Google Ad word only if you understand well the tricks and strategy as you can either get the higher conversion or you can lose your money. You can also hire an expert who can handle Google Ad words for you.

· Other online Ads method

Some of the other online Ads methods are Banner Ads, YouTube Ads, other social media ads, and paid guest posts, which can be chosen for advertising your business.

Offline Advertising Methods:

In general, some offline options are way cheaper than before, and the effectiveness is the same as before. It is always useful to have an impact on your target customers. Remember to put your product at the right Ad option, e.g., Advertisement of a baby product is best in a mother and baby magazine instead of advertising it in any fashion magazine. Some of the offline advertising methods are given below:

· Magazine Ads

Magazine Ads are the best method for a great return on your investment. If you think the majority of your customers who are readers are your target customers then it is worth a try.

· Television Ads

The cost of a television advertisement is quite high for it to be profitable. If your product has a far-reaching appeal on TV, then you can consider it.

· Radio Ads

For some businesses, Radio Ads generate great results. They are exciting but come with the drawback that you cannot track the results from this Advertisement option.

· Other Kinds of Offline Advertisement

There are also some of the other Advertisement options such as billboards, branded gifts, which are used for growing business.

To consider, there are few more options such as paid endorsements, sponsorships, partnerships that could help your business.

All in All, plan wisely and then decide what is best for your business. Once you determine the right ad for your business, start with a keyword planner on Google. Eventually, your business will grow.


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