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SEO Is Your SalesPerson

It doesn’t matter if you own a small or a major website, the fact remains that online traffic can be gained if you pay attention to your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies, without spending a dime!

SEO is different from paid ads, it’s considered as your 24hr salesperson, no matter what time of the day people search they can find your website, you can get traffic, and some of this traffic might convert into sales without even opening your wallet. But with paid ads, once you stop paying money, your traffic stops immediately. So, using SEO we improved FoundersBei’s ranking in Google search engines, which drove more traffic to the website.

How did we do that?   

It started with a keyword analysis. We analyzed the keywords and searched for the ones that were used in multiple websites. We identified some of them and decided which ones to focus on. Then we conducted a few experiments, and from there we chose what worked best. Finally, after a while, our website stood above the others due to the quality of its content, data-driven information and unique design elements.

Keyword analysis is the initial step to conducting successful SEO. It’s a free way of identifying what people are searching for. This is because Google, Yahoo, and Bing all use keywords in search queries. In addition to that, people search using related words and phrases — and they have a high chance of converting into a sale if they find what they are looking for when they enter your website.

The key to SEO is knowing what your audience are searching for, so if your title tags and meta descriptions are compelling, you’ll get more traffic, and hopefully, more sales.

Although knowing the right keywords is the most important aspect, there are many other factors that influence your SEO ranking, such as using an easy URL, making your website fast and mobile friendly, including harmless backlinks, and many other things that will definitely make your business grow using search engines!

Ali Zalzale

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