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Why Foundersbei Is your Best Option

As a person who joined FoundersBei as an intern for about a month, you might say I’m not qualified to give advice, but one thing I can assure you about is that working at FoundersBei was one of the best experiences I’ve come across in my life.

With the increase of coworking space businesses in Lebanon, finding your best choice is a bit of a hard task, especially when you know you’ll be spending most of your time in this space with different people around, and since you need to be sure that you’ll be able to get work done in the space.

So why is FoundersBei your best option, well I’ll tell you why:

1. The Work Environment:

In addition to it being a casual work space which gives you the maximum amount of comfort, FoundersBei offers you the chance to be part of a community that “work, play and collaborate” in a friendly atmosphere that will never get you lonely, I mean those people have a gaming room and puzzles for when you get sick of work, or if you’re in need for a little break between tasks.

Also, the walls and colors there are so pleasing to look at, and give you a relaxing sensation that helps clear your mind and get more work out of you.

2. The People:

Surrounding yourself with motivated and hard-working people increases your productivity, and the people at FoundersBei -whether freelancers, startups or companies- are all about that. They are full of energy that makes the place buzz with life, and you’ll find that really helpful to get you into the “working mood”.

3. The Space:

Whether you’re looking for an office of your own, or a coworking desk, FoundersBei has it all. They offer private offices with different options to fit if you are coming alone or with a team, and a great view for you to get all your work done, this also gives you the chance to customize your office to fit your needs. Stay updated and you might benefit from their discounts done regularly.

You also don’t have to worry about the maintenance and cleaning since it’s part of your office deal services.

4. Free Coffee:

Do I need to explain this…?

FoundersBei gave me the idea of the dream office that I would love to work in in the near future, it’s got all those beneficial services that I’m sure you would find super-useful for you to get started at any project you have.

So, if you’re still wondering why FoundersBei is your best choice check their website and get more info, you can also check their virtual tour so that you’ll have a vision of what to expect from the place, or even better you can visit the space yourself located in Furn el Chebbak and meet the amazing team behind it.

Toujan Al Halabi

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