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Working Remotely And The Impact Of The Covid-19 Lock-Down.

The workplace environment in general influences the cognitive and emotional states, behaviors, and engagements. It plays a huge role in the employees’ performance and their dedication to the job. I work in a coworking space, where I don’t have a certain schedule but stayed overtime, because being present in a place where you find yourself surrounded by people who relate to you, who are investing their time in projects and tasks like you, empowers you to get motivated and reach higher achievements.

But now, since we’re in a lock-down and we’re working remotely, everything shifted and the way work is getting done changed entirely. Before judging negatively, you can’t ignore the fact that it’s sometimes better to take some days off and go to the mountains so that you can relax, brainstorm new ideas and recharge. This period helps you think outside of the box and get out of your original thoughts. Plus, it’s all fun and games when you're out until you have to think about waking up early to get dressed and arrive on time, which can be frustrating sometimes.

But since I already work in a coworking space like Foundersbei, I can already say that these things do not matter there. Their culture is simply different… you literally feel like you’re at home! There’s no dress code, no limited working hours, no restrictions about using cellphones or even putting some music while working. You get to meet new faces on a daily basis that can lead to fruitful collaborations, while being at home makes it harder to extend your professional network.


In fact, this lock-down has been affecting my job performance a lot. At first it was nice running far away from my initial work environment – I’ve been there for a straight year now and I needed it. But now, it’s getting harder to focus especially when your neighbors put some really loud music, or your family is waiting for you to prepare the lunch, or you’re getting spammed on social media. Let’s not forget to mention that working remotely can give you the idea that you can procrastinate because you have less to do, and prevents you from finishing your work in a certain period of time. You forget the schedule, you start binge watching your favorite series, and your workday kind of blends into your home life... The feeling that you’re always at work can lead to a complete burnout.

''Procrastination is the thief of time'' - Edward Young

In addition, as a business developer, it’s really important to go and see the person face to face in order to close the deal properly. Well, because of the Covid-19, everything is postponed and this affected the job performance of the company I work in. We had to shift all the offers to digital solutions and find new offers to help them survive this lock-down. Even when we did that, people weren’t willing to pay considering the current situation and seeing the numbers decrease discourages tremendously.

Finally, your work place can provide you with high speed internet that you don’t originally have at your own place. Which can lead to non-effective online meetings, slower reception of certain emails or even not be able to work at all when the Wi-Fi stops working suddenly.

Personally, I think that working remotely is really hard and focusing can become really challenging. Everyone has to accept the fact that it’s a mandatory shift. Although I hope it’s temporary and everything will go back to normal soon. We just have to remember that we have to stay committed to our jobs and create new ways to maintain our efficiency in our jobs, no matter where we’re working from.

                                                              Elissa Bourgess

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